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The Gymnastics Sevabhavi Sanstha, was established in 2017 to promote the sport of Artistic Gymnastics.

The Sanstha plan to create, nurture and support Artistic Gymnastics players training at indoor facilities provided by Saraswati Krida Sankul, Thane.

Our Vision is to see our Gymnasts represent India in the Olympics.

Our Mission is to support Gymnasts with a well-equipped training arena and exposure to the International environment.

Our Goal is to provide a sustainable ecosystem which would support our players to excel and our coaches to facilitate better.

To achieve these, the Sanstha initiates and funds lots of activities with guidance from our Head Coach Shri. Mahendra Babhulkar.

Our Sanstha supports the Gymnastics Players for following: 

• Competition expenses  

• Lodging Boarding, Travelling

• Competition and Training kit including Costumes, Shoes, Palm Guards.

• We support them to train at facilities all across India having         international training facilities. 

• We arrange Foreign Training twice a year for the National Medalists   to prepare for International Competitions. 

• We arrange training camps for our players at various places in India.

• We take care of the Gymnasts by providing Physio, Psychologist,   Masseur, Dietician.

• We support the coaches for enhancing their coaching, judging skills   so they can help our players better.

To support these, we do fund raise activities:

• Host a Charity show for Drama and Movie.

• We approach corporates and individuals for sponsorship of the players. 

Our Trustee: 

* Mrs. Aparna Joshi - President

* Mrs. Pranali Mandavkar - Secretary

* Mrs. Shraddha Jamenis - Joint Secretary

* Mrs. Amruta Joshi - Treasurer