Participation in various District, State, National Competitions

Our players participate in District, State and National level Gymnastics Competitionsorganized by Gymnastic Federation of India, Maharashtra Amateur Gymnastics Association, School Games Federation of India, Sports and Youth Services Maharashtra State.


Our players participated in the following competitions this year 2019-2020

Khelo India 2020 at Dispur, Guwahati 9th – 14th Jan 2020.

Sr.No.Name of GymnastAge GroupAchievement
1Manas Mankawale Under 17 years Boys1 Gold on Pommel Horse
2Aryan DawandeUnder 17 years BoysParticipation
3Garima SharmaUnder 17 years GirlsParticipation
4Purva KirveUnder 21 years Girls1 Bronze on Uneven bars
5Shreyas MandlikUnder 21 years BoysParticipation

65th National School Gymnastics Competition at Agra from 10-14th Nov 2019

Sr.No .Name of Gymnast Age GroupAchievement
1Purva KirveUnder 19 years Girls1 Team Silver
2Garima SharmaUnder 17 years GirlsParticipation
3Shreyas MandlikUnder 19 years Boys1 Gold Team,1 Bronze on Pommel Horse
4Manas MankawaleUnder 17 years Boys1 Team Silver
5Aryan DawandeUnder 17 years Boys1 Team Silver
6Prince JainUnder 14 years Boys1 Team Bronze
7Aryan KolekarUnder 14 years BoysParticipation

Inter School National Gymnastics Competition at Airoli from 31st Oct – 1st Nov

Sr.   No.                         Name of Gymnast                                              Age Group                                    Achievement                                                                                                                                             
1Aryan Kolekar                         Under 14 years Boys                            1 Team Gold
2Garima SharmaUnder 17 years Girls1 All Round Gold,1 Table Vault Silver,
1 Uneven Bar Gold,1 Balancing Beam Gold,1 Floor Gold ,1 Team Gold

55th Junior Artistic Gymnastics Championship at Khelgaon, Prayagraj from 29th Jan – 1st Feb 2020

Sr.No.    Name of Gymnast          Age Group                         Achievement                                                     
1Shreyas MandlikUnder 17 years Boys               1 Team Silver
2Soham NaikUnder 15 years Girls1 Uneven Bar Silver,1 Bronze Floor,1 Team Gold
3Srushti BhavsarUnder 15 years Girls1 Team Gold

  School States at Airoli on 31st Aug 2019

Sr.No.               Name of Gymnast                                         Age Group                        Achievement                                                                        
1Aryan KolekarUnder 14 years Boys1 Sliver Floor,1 Bronze Table Vault,1 Bronze Parallel Bar
2Garima SharmaUnder 17 years Girls1 Gold All Round,1 Gold Table Vault,
1 Gold Uneven Bar,1 Silver Balancing Beam,1 Silver Floor

15th Gymnastics Tumbling and Trampoline Championship at Dombivli on 5th, 6th October

Sr No.Name of GymnastAge GroupAchievement
1Ashwin JoshiUnder 10 years BoysParticipation
2Maitreya RaneUnder 10 years BoysParticipation
3Ananya ShettyUnder 10 years Girls1Gold Tumbling/ Trampoline
4Juilee PatilUnder 10 years Girls1 Bronze Team
5Krisha ShahUnder 10 years Girls1 Bronze Team
6Sakshi DalviUnder 10 years Girls1 Bronze Team
7Nilaja DharapUnder 10 years Girls1 Bronze Team

School States at Aurangabad from 30th oct to 1st Nov. 2019

Sr No.Name of GymnastAge GroupAchievement
1Prince JainUnder 14 years Boys1Gold Floor,1 Gold Rings,1Silver Parallel Bar,1Gold Team
2Manas MankavleUnder 17 years Boys1 Silver All Round,1 Bronze Floor,1 Gold Pommel Horse,1 Gold Rings,1 Gold Team
3Aryan DavandeUnder 17 years Boys1 Gold All Round,1 Gold Floor,1 Silver Rings,1 Gold Table Vault,1 Bronze Horizontal Bar,1 Silver Parallel Bar,1 Gold Team
4Shreyas MandlikUnder 19 years Boys1 Bronze Floor,1 Gold Team
5Srushti BhavsarUnder 14 years Girls1 Gold Balancing Beam,1 Gold Team
6Vaidehi SumbheUnder 14 years Girls1Gold Team
7Purva KirveUnder 19 years Girls1 Silver All Round,1 Bronze Balancing Beam, 1 Gold Team

Sub-Junior Mini Group State Gymnastics Championship at Dervan – Chiplun from 13th to 15th December 2019

Sr No.Name of GymnastAge GroupAchievement
1Sameeran JoshiUnder 10 Years Boys1 Gold Floor,1Bronze Team
2Anuj JakhadiUnder 10 Years Boys1 Bronze Team
3Prasanna KuchekarUnder 10 Years Boys1 Bronze Team
4Krisha ShahUnder 10 Years Girls1 Bronze All Round,1 Silver Floor,1 Gold Team
5Ananya ShettyUnder 10 Years Girls1 Gold Team
6Juilee PatilUnder 10 Years Girls1 Gold Team
7Nilaja DharapUnder 10 Years Girls1 Gold Team

54th State Gymnastics Championship at Shravan Academy, Dombivli from 19-20th January 2020

Sr No.Name of GymnastAge GroupAchievement
1Shreyas MandlikUnder 17 Years Boys1 Bronze Table Vault,1 Gold Team
2Soham NaikUnder 17 Years Girls1 Gold All Round,1 Bronze Uneven Bar,1 Gold Team
3Srushti BhavsarUnder 17 Years Girls1 Gold Uneven Bar,1 Silver Floor,1 Gold Team
4Vaidehi SumbheUnder 17 Years Girls1 Gold Team
5Purva KirveSenior1 Silver Uneven Bar,1 Bronze Floor,1 Silver Team
6Sakshi PimpleSenior1 Silver Team
7Sanjivani MateSenior1 Silver Team